Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile Friendly

We keep hearing adverts on the radio, TV and via email, about building websites yourself, or using a website builder, to get professional results. It is possible to do this, however a recent trend we’ve been tracking is websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Over 50% of websites are now viewed on mobile devices, so it […]

Selby Business Buddies

Selby Business Buddies Monk Fryston Hall

On Friday 27th January I attended my first Selby Business Buddies meeting – A relaxed, non-profit networking group for local businesses to network, as well as view interesting presentations. This week, there was an interesting presentation by Margaret Hartley of Benchmark Marketing, based around Avoiding Conflict in business. I’m very much looking forward to meetings […]

DIY Websites: Can’t I just build my own?

DIY Website Design

You may have seen adverts on TV, heard them on the Radio or seen them online. DIY websites have been around for a while, but as of recent they’ve all been pushing harder with their marketing and promotion. On the face of it, a DIY website sounds like a good idea – you could save […]

We Are Here!

Nectar Digital Launch 2016

The end of 2016 brings the beginning of Nectar Digital. Our goal is to provide quality web design, marketing and design services. We’re currently in a transitional period, so don’t have a “home base” so to speak, however Yorkshire is our main location and we’re itching and ready to get started on your projects. Our […]