Facebook Boosts and Sponsored Posts

Recently, i’ve been helping a lot of local businesses with their social media profiles. The overall aim being to make more people aware of the business, as well as using it to promote new product and service launches.

I’ve been asked quite a few times about “boosting” Facebook posts and the benefits of doing so – so thought i’d write a quick blog post, to explain my thoughts on the effectiveness of doing this.

The first thing I say to try focus on, is the type of people you’re aiming your services at. There’s a lot of variables in this, such as age, location, gender – these are all factors in different types of products and services that are out there.

Paying to promote certain posts can have their benefits – however you have to be wise about how you set up the promotion. Facebook is infamous for showing you how many people you can reach by “boosting” a post with a certain amount of money – however there are some considerations:

1. Are the people you’d be reaching potential customers?
If you’re going to boost a post, you need to be sure your target audience is perfect. You could be wasting money showing your services to someone who would never be able to access them, such as someone who is too far away, too young to be in business, etc.

2. Is the post engaging enough to promote?
Your posts need to be interesting and relevant – or have some sort of incentive attached to them. Boosting every post is a bad idea – you can get some amazing organic results with the right image or video.

3. Choose your moment carefully!
It makes a massive difference – it’s worth looking at your previous posts to see how much engagement and views they got at different times of day, and days of the week. Depending on your audience, this can vary. A lot of people are using Facebook before and after work – so post at the right time to try capture some attention.

4. Post regularly, and with character.
Social media is a great opportunity to show the personality your business has – it can make a massive difference to the general perception of your brand. Social media gives you the chance to let your spirit shine through and helps posts match the fun and casual nature of social media profiles.

Doing social media the right way can be difficult – we help many businesses keep on top of their social media output, by creating high quality and engaging content that your customers and potential customers will love.

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