DIY Websites: Can’t I just build my own?

DIY Website Design

You may have seen adverts on TV, heard them on the Radio or seen them online. DIY websites have been around for a while, but as of recent they’ve all been pushing harder with their marketing and promotion.

On the face of it, a DIY website sounds like a good idea – you could save cost and do it yourself instead, right? However, whilst you may be able to produce a good looking website this way, there’s a lot of things you should take into consideration.

1. If it was quick to build, it may not be built right.

Some of these “Website Builders” allow you to drag and drop sections of the website together very quickly and easily. A website built professionally isn’t created this way; to achieve this speedy service, there are compromises in the website which may not be immediately visible to the eye.

2. Your search engine results may be disappointing.

When a professional builds a website, they build it in a way which optimise it for search engines and for potential customers viewing. A lot of this is done within the hard code of the website, and most “Website Builders” don’t allow you much access to these parts of your website.

3. “Free” websites usually have hidden costs somewhere.

A free website does sound enticing, doesn’t it? The problem with this is that the company will be aiming to recoup costs somewhere else; by imposing limits, overcharging for domain names and hosting, or simply by changing their policy and requiring payment to continue use of your website.

4. Time-effectiveness and longevity.

Learning to set up and have the website looking right can be time consuming for someone who’s not well practiced in it, even using easy-to-use website tools. A professional web designer can produce high quality results faster and more effectively.

5. The Results

A website built by us is set up and tailored to your business, designed for maximum potential and future growth. We push for maximum results and sales from your website, and we’re always here to make future adjustments, improvements and optimisation.

We’re set up and ready to take on your projects, why not get in touch and see what results we can produce for you and your business?

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